Warning of lipo battery

1. Reverse charging is not allowed. The battery should be connected accurately according to the polarity and cannot be reversed. 2. The short circuit is not allowed, otherwise, it will cause permanent damage. 3. The battery cannot be used under extreme conditions such as extreme temperature, deep cycle, extreme overcharge and over discharge. 4. Store the battery in a cool, dry place. If a large number of batteries are stored or shipped, the battery must be discharged first. 5. Do not solder the battery directly. 6. If the battery has abnormalities such as noise, high temperature, or liquid leakage, stop using it immediately. 7. Do not throw into fire or attempt to disassemble. The battery may burn or produce harmful substances. 8. It is not allowed to mix old batteries or half of the batteries with new ones, otherwise over-discharge will occur. 9. Do not cut the outer casing and remove the outer casing of the battery. 10. Do not put the battery in the water. 11. Do not disassemble the battery protection board 12. If the battery does not have a plug, wiring is not allowed, and the 2 wires of the battery need to be soldered to the device motherboard.

Cautions of lipo battery

1. The battery should be charged before use. 2. Charge with the appropriate charger. 3. Keep the battery away from children. If swallowed, contact your doctor immediately. 4. When the battery is not in use, it should be removed from the device. 5. When using the new battery for the first time or after long-term storage, fully charge it before use. 6. When the battery is hot, do not touch it until it cools down. 7. Turn off the device when the battery is found to have reduced energy to avoid over-discharge. 8. When removing the battery pack, hold the battery pack terminal and do not hold the cord. 9. After using the battery, if the battery is hot, it can be placed in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight before it is recharged. 10. It is forbidden to modify the plug, change the protection board and other professional operations. 11. prohibiting puncture, bumping, and squeezing the battery.